40 Axle Refabrication

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Feb 2, 2013
Gilbert, AZ
Today I spent the day with a couple of kick ass guys At Desert Tool. These guys are whippen my 40 into shape and today mine was the #1 of 2, 40 front axle refabrications. We took all of the parts from a newer 60 axle and put them into a newer 40 axle housing. Next up install the newly powdered backing plates and freshly sandblasted rotors and hubs. Kevin and John thanks for letting me tag along today. I had an awesome day.
too much bling :eek:

actually, I watched some of the proceedings in person - looks cool :cheers:

brake lines will be ordered tomorrow
You rock Claudia or should I say you roll :eek:) Sounds good on the brake lines
Oh and my daughters say you can never have enough bling!
More progress

Spent another day with the guys damn it is looking good! The rotors were sand blasted only 1 week ago look how quick they flash rust.
Looks great! I am getting ready to do the same thing to my 40. What did you use to paint the housing? I am trying to decide between rustoleum or the chassis coat stuff from POR 15.

The brake backing plates and locking hub dials are powder. The rest is Krylon satin black. I'm not a fan of rustoleum, have had spraying dramas, doesn't holdup any better, Krylon works.:meh:
I have to agree with Kevin. Rustoleum does not cover as well and seems to run more. The Krylon has been easy to spray and does not seem to run all that easy.I think it is looking slick and Tools R Us recommended the Powder on the dials and it looks awesome. I cannot wait until it is all done.
I was thinking about blasting the entire housing then ripping it all apart, replace everything and then paint. Is that overkill or will a side grinder and 4" disc work good enough to prep for paint?

How long is a piece of string?:hillbilly: Really depends on the project and goals. What is the condition of the axle, does it need to come apart, are parts being upgraded, etc. What is the goal, show queen, trail rig, etc?
I have to take it apart since the passenger side flange is warped and the axle seal is leaking. All the brakes need to be replaced so I figured since I am basically rebuilding the axle might as well replace the 3rd member bearings. A little paint will finish the job, its the full blasting on the housing or just a rough up with the side grinder prior to paint is the part that I am trying to decide on
... might as well replace the 3rd member bearings.

Most of the front diffs that we see have little wear, don't see many miles, so are in great condition. We just check, tighten up the preload, replace the pinion seal, often swap them front and rear.

A little paint will finish the job, its the full blasting on the housing or just a rough up with the side grinder prior to paint is the part that I am trying to decide on

IMHO, that would depend on rust, if it has a lot, yes, little/none no. Blasting makes a clean surface to paint, but, it's difficult to remove ALL of the oil/moly grease from inside the housing, any leaks allow sand into the housing, sticks to the grease, becomes very difficult to remove all of it. So, can be a pain. I prefer to just sand and paint housings.
I thought it had to be bkasted to but we got after it abd itbcleaned right up. Scrubbed with degreaser. Then wiped it diwn with a brake cleaner. Then we rattle canned it. Worked great.

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