40 and 80 stuff in Eastern NC

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Apr 26, 2007
God's Waiting Room
United States
Well, it's time to clean out ye olde garage as I am running out of room to work:frown:

For any one in Eastern NC, in the New Bern, Wilmington, Raleigh triangle, I can drop it off to you. And Maybe out to Greensboro, depending if I have enough time. I live in New Bern and the :princess: lives in Durham

Reasonable offers will be entertained;)

SOR front and rear Fender Flares, never installed and I'm pretty sure I have all the weather stripping and junk that came with them. $100 plus the rideSale Pending

Front and rear wheel caps and sleeves. The sleeves are un used, and the caps are a little scratched up but nothing too serious. $30 plus the rideSale Pending

Hard Top shelf, fits between the ledge on the factory hard top. $40 plus the ride

2F Valve Cover, used but in Ok shape. $20 plus the ride

Factory rear license plate holder. Is complete, I put it all together and went another direction and don't need it. Has light scratches in the paint, the way I got it from CCOT. $95 plus the ride

75+ turn signals, in good shape. No fading or cracks or scratches. I had them on the 40 for about 6 months before I went to a set of the older style T/S. One of the mounting nuts is missing and one of the tabs on the bottom is broken off, still mounts fine:meh: $75 for the pair plus the ride.

DUI HEI Distributor with Mechanical Advance for the 2F. Used it for about a year and a half until I replaced the Weber carb and went to a dizzy with vacuum advance. $125 plus the ride

valve space.JPG


flares caps shelf.JPG
flares caps shelf.JPG
valve space.JPG
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Round 2

Factory 80 fender flares in white. Came off'n a 94 IIRC. A few of the mounting posts are missing and one of the rear flare's end mounting eye is cracked. $70 plus the ride.
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3.73 third member and rear axle with third off my '76. The axle is almost complete, I swiped a couple fittings and lines for another brake project.

Axle is a S/F axle with new cylinders, drums and shoes with a bearing re-pack about 1 year and a half ago. same 3.73 third on the axle.

$120 for the third plus the ride, $300 for the axle plus the ride.


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How much for the cluster? What year is it from?

PM sent on Wheel sleeves/Caps, Fender flares, and Are those wheel spacers in that picture?
i'll take the 10 oil filters.

how much would shipping be to NJ 07803?

paypal ok?


I got somebody interested in the flares, I'll let you know if he doesn't bite;)
I'm interested in the turn signals, and the rear fender flares if the others pass. Sending PM.

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