4 Wheelers ruining things again!!

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Some snowmobilers are anti-4WD vehicles and OHV's. The lack of wisdom in that is that all parties are unliked by the radical environmental movement. The club that works with the Forest Service operates on a volunteer basis to groom trails and with the lack of snow the last few years I suppose they are getting a little grumpy. Some trails are exclusive for Snow-type machines that meet a specific criteria.
The ticket if caught on designated snowmobile trails is pretty hefty, and if you get stuck, you'll need a sno-cat to get you out.. I have heard first hand stories of the 'cat operator pulling folks out.. OOPS!
It's always one interest group against another. With "our public lands" being taken from us at such a rapid rate I think making blanket statements like that are a detriment to us all. I wish we(land users) could all do a better job of not sticking our foots in our mouths. Besides, they complain about those tough ruts that they fall into we should send Aric over to show them how HE manages to get out of his! :steer:

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