4 Toyota OE White Wagons from 1980 FJ40

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Dec 29, 2003
Louisville, KY
United States
Wire wheeled and spray bombed white. No cracks or dents.

Located in Lexington, KY. I need these out of my garage.

75.00 or MAKE OFFER!!!

Thank you
Sorry guys. I need to clear it out.

email me at

jasonlockwood @ spherion.com

email sent
These stock wheels are 15X6 or 6.5". There was a switch sometime.
TTT. Many inquiries but no "yes". 75.00 OBO guys.

Thank you.
If its this one consider it SOLD.. I sent an email as well....

That would be it. Wish I had those boxes ( :
PM box is clear. I have one guy who keeps telling me that he is going to buy them but for some reason is not getting my emails with payment info. Not sure why.

MANY have asked about shipping...I am going to guess 12 a wheel. Paypal at cjlockwood331 @ aol.com if you want them.

I try to give dibs for folks but I have serveral asking for them so first one to paypal wins I guess i.e. 75 + 48 = 123 Total.

This is a great deal...man I could of used this about 3wks ago...Luckily I found some 60 rims...good luck with the sale. I'm almost tempted to buy them so that I can put 40 rims on my 40...
Are these still available?

I fell off the face of the earth...

If so, my previous offer still stands. (which you accepted but I didnt get back to you)

They are sold.

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