Wanted 4+ Tire Carrier or Equivalent FJ40 Tire/Jerry Can

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I have a 4+ dual Jerry can basket.. it can hold your high lift with a couple of Round Head Square Neck (Carriage Screws)... no swing out tho'.
I feel your pain. But I wasn't too concerned as the tub of my other 40 was in rough shape. Think about it and let me know if you decide you want to fool with it. I know that 066wally said that he used his Kayline to make his own rear bumper / tire carrier but when I asked him questions about how, he didn't return any of my messages. I am leaving town on Thurs 5/20/10 and won't be back until Sat 5/29/10. I should be able to check here and email every so often but I wouldn't be able to think about shipping it until I got back. :cheers:

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