4 Speed Transmission For Sale H41

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Mar 25, 2006
Fort Collins, CO
I have a H41 4 Speed Transmission for sale. Worked great when removed. Located in Fort Collins, CO Asking $600 OBO. PM me or e-mail me at coloradobound25 at yahoo.com with any questions. Also have some transfer case parts that I will include. SOLD
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Hi All:

Those that are un-aware, the H41 is the non-North America-spec Land Cruiser 4 speed transmission that has a 4.9 to 1 first gear ratio.

Hey Boulder76, which t-case was this transmission coupled to? Also, which engine??

US $600.00 is a decent price for a H41.


Hey, may be interested....if it has a 19- spline output shaft.

Also, what year t-case do you have the 'parts' for :)

I'm working on a H41/H55 to ToyBox / Split case, and got everything execpt the tranny and t-case :)

Lemme know if it becomes available - local in Denver.


I am looking for 16 spline output so if its 19 I am out.

Well, I just learned that all H41/H42's had the same 16 spline output shaft...just different gearing.

So, my build just got more spendy :(

Best of luck with the purchase, Motov8r!
Hmm...well, I guess the race is still on! :)

It's down to the count...pun intended :)
I have a 3-speed on my FJ40/F2 and would like to convert to a 4-speed daily driver. Not much 4-wheeling for this rig's future. Would your tranny be the best fit? Does any have suggestions, am a bit of a rookie. I'd appreciate any help. Thanks, Raul
After talking a while with the seller today - it's a 19 spline count....so I'm in luck :)

Hoping to seal the deal up by the end of the week - pending schedules.



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