4 speed transmission and frame question

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Jul 14, 2008
I have a 1970 fj40 that I am putting in a 4 speed transmission from a 79 (actually, the entire drivetrain). I have the body off right now so this is not a problem. What I am concerned about is the cross member behind the tansfer case. It doesn't look like I will have room to pull the tranny/transfer case out if I ever need to remove it once I put the body back on. I have the cross member from the 79 which looks pretty different from the one in the 1970. Do I need to change out that cross member for space or am I just being paranoid?

I haven't owned, or paid attention to the rear tubular crossmember on anything newer than a 1975, however I believe the crossmembers are in the same location on 1970 3 speeds and 1979 4 speeds. If I am correct, then swapping from 3 spd to 4 spd should not pose a crossmember problem.
Just put a 4speed in my 72' FJ40 and the cross member is fine. It is a PITA to get the tranny lined up with pilot bearing with the body on and tunnel off, but it is possible. You will have to cut your tunnel for the 4speed shifter and transfer shifter if you move it to the floor.
Interesting I just put a 4 speed tranny from a 1976 into my 2/71 and while it does fit, there is NO WAY to pull the ebrake off for service. Search this topic. The only real solution if you don't want to remove your rear engine mounts and drop the engine down to remove the t-case is to remove the cross member and relocate it a few inches back. See pic for how close it is...
e Brake

the price of having the 4 speed---at least w/o involving a sawzall:eek:

I thought I could use a disc brake and get around that--not so and wound up putting the old drum back on after taking the motor mounts out and dropping er down

course if you ever change axles it might be time for a rear emer brake but with all new parts I am pretty happy that it will not need anything for a long time

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