For Sale 4 speed tans and tranfer case

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Apr 28, 2012
United States
Have a 4 speed and transfer case out of my 86 fj60. Has 180 on the clock. Located in San luis obispo Ca. $400 not willing to split trans and transfer
What'd be freight for shipping to 71291(northern Louisiana). That is if you are willing to ship.
Got a dying A440.


Todd H.
If anyone is going to be in Pismo I an bring it to you
Any takers. Going to scraper soon if no one picks up.
if that has the split case you may have better luck just selling the t case .
I have a friend in SLO that can pick up and store this for me. Give me a call at the shop tomorrow and let's see if we can work something out. 818-953-9230.
I have someone who can come by and pick this up. Can you pm me a phone number?

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