4 Speed swap "kit" East, TX - $400

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Sep 11, 2002
Fort Worth, TX
For all of you out there that are in the dark ages with your 3-speeds, listen up. I'm going to sell TOGETHER everything you need to swap to 4-speed. This includes:

clutch/PP/TO bearing with about 500 miles on them
4-speed (I think its a '75)
4-speed T-case (I believe theres a tooth missing on the low range set as it clicks sometimes in low. This will probably need attention at some point.)
I will also throw in all the hardware you need too.

I think this is worth around $400, but I guess I'm open to offers. I will also trade everything for a set of GOOD CONDITION 31" OR 32" All Terrain tires (15" wheel). I would prefer BFG, but will consider all.

PM me, email at joshstralow (at) gmail (dot) com or call @ 903.363.5558
5.8.09 037.jpg
5.8.09 038.jpg
5.8.09 040.jpg
I've still got all this crap. Its taking up space. Make offer... I bought some tires, so the trade option is no more...
Would you be willing to ship, or does it need to be local pickup?
Would you be willing to ship, or does it need to be local pickup?

If you work out shipping, I'm totally willing, but I'm not going to do the Leg Work to get it shipped. May try MudShip too..

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