4 sale 1974 FJ40! Imported from Central America

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Dec 24, 2003
United States
Hi all I have a 1974 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser for sale. Asking price of 8k OBO! It has a really nice paint job no rust that I can see, all the glass is there and in great shape the original engine was rebuilt and has less than 400 miles on the rebuild. Tranny is a 3 speed with the 3 speed tcase. It has a front bench seat. It needs to have the brakes checked out along with the clutch master and slave cylinder. Great rock climber. feel free to email me at zmokin2@yahoo.com or call 2095189709 if you would like to find out more.
Your headlight bezel is on upside down!
Yeah, what's that about?
70 Series signals, lots of people run them on their 40's but AFIK they were never stock?
I thought the bezel was upside down. And I know the the turn signals are not the correct ones but I think they look better than the stock ones.
They look pretty clean in my opinion. If anyone wants to order some I can have them brought in. Let me know it would have to be a group buy. I am not sure how much they run but can find out.
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Someone just sold a set of these on Ebay


and stated that they are "non USA apron mounted turn signals, commonly used on all FJ BJ model Land Cruisers after they stopped bringing them into the USA"

I think what he trying to say is. The signals were used on fj/fj 70's. they were never stock on fj/bj40.
So if the hydraulics need to be gone through, how long has it been sitting?
The truck has been sitting in my drive way for about 6months or so. Prior to that it was in central america being used daily. Once it arrived in the US I pulled the engine and did a complete rebuild. I did not get to the brakes or the clutch as of yet. The clutch engages after some pumping the brakes more than likley need new wheel cylinders as I have replaced the hoses. Let me know if you have any more questions.
i would be interested in the turn signals if any body else is.

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