For Sale (4) like-new Nitto Grappler 305/70/R16's on polished aluminum wheels, fit 1969 to 1997 Cruisers (1 Viewer)

Aug 6, 2013
Bay Area, CA
Four like-new 305/70/R16 (33x12 inch) Nitto Terra Grappler tires, mounted and balanced on gorgeous polished aluminum rims. Click here to see photos.

The best I can tell, these will fit on any Toyota Land Cruiser from 1969 to 1997. They would look AMAZING on a 40 or 60 series and DO look great on my 80 series. Scroll down at this link to see the bolt pattern #'s from 1969 to 1997.

Can sell wheels or tires individually, or as combination. They are a great combination considering they are mounted, balanced and running great. No signs of uneven wear--or wear at all for that matter. The offset looks really nice, too--with the tires sitting out an inch or two beyond the body of the vehicle. Really tough stance.

The 4 like-new Weld Racing truck wheels are complete with Centercaps and professionally mounted on what appear to be a matching Weld additional offset additions to rim width. These are 16 inch rims--ideal size for off-roading. I believe they are either 10 or 12 inches wide. (The tires are 12.01 inches wide).

Also selling the 4 like-new Nitto Terra Grappler 305/70/R16 tires. I just bought the 1997 Cruiser that has these wheels and tires on it. I am switching back to stock rims and 285 tires (may be open to like-new 285 BFGs as partial trade, no others) You can see what they look like on my 80 in these Craigslist photos.

From Carfax, I know the previous owner could not have put more than 8,000 miles on these tires. In person, they appear to have less than 2,000 on them. I have not greased them up or anything for the photos. This is how they look dirty. In inches they measure 33x12.01x16.

I cannot find a single knick anywhere on the wheels, but I will take another closer look when I have time--and I will also post individual photos of each wheel.

Discount Tire price for just these tires, mounted and balanced (not including wheels) is $1,045.82, without warranty certificates.

The closest Weld Wheels I can find are $550/wheel + the $22 centercap per wheel. For a total of $2,300.

That's $3,300 for this set, new.

I'd like to get $1,200 for the set combined.
Or, if you want to separate:
$625 for the like-new Nitto Terra Grappler 305/70/R16's
$625 for the like-new polished aluminum Weld Racing wheels, with centercaps

Tires and wheels are presently located in Prescott, AZ. I can deliver them to the Phoenix-area if you purchase them. I am also happy to prepare them for shipping, if you want to pay to have them shipped. Text or call with any questions. I will respond to Texts via the Craigslist contact faster than to Direct Messages on Mud.

Bolt Pattern:
Metric: 6 X 139.7
Standard: 6 X 5.5

Stud Size:
12 X 1.5

Here is a web site that cross-lists this bolt pattern. The Land Cruiser link was above. If you have another truck or SUV, it appears these wheels fit on a TON of GM, Nissan, Honda and Toyota trucks. I've listed some at this Craigslist link.





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Aug 6, 2013
Bay Area, CA
Lowering price on this amazing set to 1,250. Also, I will be in Phoenix next week. If any Phoenix-area buyers are serious about them, I can bring them down between Monday and Wednesday.

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