4" lift w/1 1/2" extended Shackle

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Dec 29, 2002
Walnut Creek, CA
I am ordering my lift kit for my 1975 Fj40 on Friday.
I have a shackle reversal up front which adds 1 1/2" and extended shackles in the rear for leveling.
With Skyjacker you can get a 2 1/2" front spring and a 4" rear spring which would keep it level and give 4" of lift.
OR I can order the 4" lift and end up with approx 5 1/2" of lift keeping the rear extended shackles.
I will probably run 33" tall tires but with the extended shackles I could probably go 35" tall tires.
I am not interested in obtaining the height of a springover perhaps a few years from now or on a different rig.

The question is will the extra 1 1/2" be to tippy to comfortably drive around town?
I don't have any first hand knowledgeso take this for what it worth....If you want more than 4" of lift for serious off-road activities go with a SOA. Otherwise avoid an extended shackle in the rear (changes pinion angle too much) and ues the 2 1/2 in front and 4 in the back

I'm very happy (for now) with my plain 4" no extended shackle no SR 4" Skyjacker lift. I do not see the SR +4" + extended shackle being too tippy by any means. As long as you get the rear pinion angle correct, you're fine.
I ran that exact combo for a year,... be aware that you will need to get a set of 6 degree caster shims to bring your rear pinion angle back down. Definitely wouldn't hurt to get a set for the front as well... my front pinion pointed down even with a 2 degree shim, and I wrinkled my front driveshaft due to this.
Doing a springover now, and un-reversing the front. I hate $400 driveshafts.
If I eliminate the rear shackle extention and get a stock shackle in the rear and go with the 2 1/2" x 4" set up will caster shims still be needed?
I have been going back and forth on the lift delema for a while.

At some point in the future I may go springover but I think I would do it on a different rig.

CruisanGa and willsta2000 do you have a photos of yours rigs you can post?
Dave aka Petescoffee
Here's three pics,... unfortunately don't have any that show my d.shafts.
pic 2
pic 3
Thanks for the photos. That does not look Tippy at all.
I looked at one in my neightbor hood and he had added 1 1/2"
body lift and it looked real tippy.
I think I will go with the 4" and leave the extended shackles.
It always helps to see a picture.

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