4" Lift Springs?

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Jan 2, 2003
Park City, Utah
Hi there guys,
I was curious as to why you guys think so few if anyone makes 4" lift springs for 60 series trucks (unlike 40's where there are dozens of 4" options). Is there something about 60's that makes them a little more difficult to lift 4"? Seems like with 33's or even 35's possibly it would be a good market to get higher than the common 2.5" lift...

Any comments welcome...!
Alcan is the only manufacturer that makes 4" lift springs for 60 series cruisers. Granted, every set is custom, so they can make it any height you want, but other than them, I don't think anyone else makes 4" springs.
There are not very many 60's running around and fewer left each day. Very few retailers will spend the money developing something new for these trucks that wont translate to other vehicles. Case in point is finding a rear bumper/ tire carrier.
Alcan x2.... Makes fitting 35's oh-so-easy.

BTB, a fairly obscure company, produces a 4" spring for FJ60's as well. I've also never heard anything good about them other than they did cutting edge engine conversions back in teh day... BTBProd.com - Conversion parts, 4x4 products

I am very familiar with Alcan and their approach as well...

I've never heard from BTB, but look legit.

I'd go with alcan, just because of their flawless reputation and amazing results. Look at granite's rig!! I'm going alcan myself, hopefully this summer.
You should search Alcan, I am aware they make a decent quality product but there are lots and lots of mixed reviews and some downright negative...
You should search Alcan, I am aware they make a decent quality product but there are lots and lots of mixed reviews and some downright negative...

Seems like all of the negative reviews have never been backed up with pictures/facts. I know for a fact that one individual on here panned Alcan in one breath (that they lost 4" of lift in a few thousand miles), and then in the next, pimped his own product. Just seems like the few who do badmouth Alcan have some ulterior motives. Also, the ones who bought early on worked with the company, who provided correct-length main leaves at no cost. This is a company whose customer service has impressed me at every dealing, and if you do use the truck how you specify when ordering, everything comes out perfect. Case in point: my shackle angle is vertical now, but will improve with the rear bumper/sliders/300lbs of camping gear that I specified I would be using when I ordered. As long as you specify that they should be made longer, and use them for their intended purpose and load capacity, there have been no problems.

Just my .02... I did a lot of research before I made my investment.
I'm not bashing them and I do think they make a decent product, I've seen them myself, but I have also seen and heard about dozens, literally dozens of errors. Leafs chronically too short, and premature sagging.. They have made how many FJ55 and FJ60 lift springs, but chronically sending main leafs that are too short? Are they not able to learn from their literally dozens of previous experiences? They ask each customer to go out and measure his leafs for the same vehicle application? I also searched extensively (really slow at work) yesterday under "Alcan" and literally read for hours and dozens of threads on them and other 4" or larger solutions. If you simply search I don't think this is the case at all (that people have their "own agenda"...

And finally, Alcan has been around a long time and LC people have been using them for some time, since at least 2000 when I got into Land Cruisers... This is literally 8 years of hearing and reading about them and seeing several sets myself get prematurely flat or showing up too short (for again, the same old application)... I hope it helps, not to bash them, and it seems like they make it right, but 6 week turn around, uninstalling and reinstalling springs. Then there is also the gentleman who did ACT, had his rig loaded, and had an awful experience. They gave him him money back but it still made for a miserable experience... Just my $.02...
The shackle reversal on those is unfortunately gh-eeto... It is basically the same as a shackle lift with 2.5" springs, except the angles are better... Which is not what I am after...
Andre, I recently took off the same MAF "kit" from a 62 and installed it on my HJ... the plan is to cut down the reversal brackets, weld them to the bottom of the frame horn, beef the inside of the frame horn with sq. stock and bolts to improve the overall set-up.... the canadian made 2.5" springs actually ride great and are 5 years old... holding their form well too. I had this suspension on my 55 years ago and the springs, unbroken-in, were horrible... so to fit 35's, I am going to run 1" Roger B. body lift, this kit, and I should see around 4.5" lift SUA with flipped Ubolts... HTH,

BTW, I ran 4" Alcans on a 60 years ago and they performed well but did not hold the lift after 20K miles or so.... flexed like mad though...

In answer to your Q, I would say since the wagons are not so often used for hard wheeling like 40's, along with the added weight/body roll/etc. a 4" lift is more difficult to make with a high level of quality/longevity...
Good comments guys, also curious on the BTB issue, are those springs failing?

No they are just not a true 4 inches and then my front tires suck up and I am turning the tire rubs really bad on the front of the wheel well. I am only running 32'' tires also.
My Alcans

PO bought 5 inch Alcans and put hysteer on, the truth of the matter is they have sagged a bit but they are still over 4.25 to 4.5" and super flexy. More than enough lift for 35's and I love em. And they are the right length. They are something like 5years old. IIRC
I loved the Alcans on my 40, but I know one very reliable Cruiserhead who had a very bad experience with them on his SOA 60, so as Andre said, it's a mixed bag.

On balance, though, I'd use Alcan again given the need.

If you are thinking about a 4 inch lift, you should also consider a spring over on stock springs. It's a little higher than 4 inches, but you have most of the parts and it will work well with 35 inch tires.

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