For Sale 4 FZJ80 16" Wheels

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Feb 1, 2009
Livingston, New Jersey
United States

I have a set of 4 FZJ80 16" wheels for sale. These are the early style wheels that require acorn style lug nuts.

The wheels are far from pretty - they are candidates for being sprayed with Duplicolor.

$80 and does not include lug nuts or center caps; willing to accept trades for FJ80 15" wheels

For the time being I am listing them as local sale only in South Orange, New Jersey.
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If you decide to ship, I am interested. I just go to a local tire shop for wheel boxes when I have to ship them out and they more than gladly give them to me. I plan on having them blasted and powdercoated anyway.

I am sure I can find a 5th somewhere.

My Zip is 48708.
Shipping is a deal killer for these rims. UPS quotes over $100 and the price is about the same with pallet shipping through Yellow Roadway. I could see this if they were LX450 rims in pristine condition but there is not much point to ship these babies because the shipping cost exceeds the purchase price.
I'm just having a hard time finding a set here in MI for a decent price. There are a couple junkyards I have to try yet though.
What is the weight on each wheel? Still not having any luck.
I got off the phone with a buddy and he is looking for a set too. We might be able to get a deal on a couple sets a a salvage yard by him. I am calling tomorrow.

USPS is @ $17 each for parcel post but still up there once it's 4x.

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