4.88's or 5.29s?

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Apr 3, 2003
I am looking for some opinions on gear setups. I am wanting to regear an fj40 rearend. i have heard that with the 5.29's you have to grind the teethe down to get the centerpin in and out. Is this true? what all is required to do this? why do you have to do this. I am going to be doing the gear swap on my own but i am looking at what i will be getting into first.

any help is appreciated.


Jon :G
I just put 4.88's in mine and had to grind to get the center pin out. From what I could see, the ring gear was thicker on the 4.88's. Here are before and after pics:



These are the best pics that I have.

hey sport...
did you have to clearence the teeth to clear the housing or the center pin? if just to clear the housing, why didn't you just grind the housing? i had to do this on my buddies minitruck axles to clear 5.29's

thanks for the replies guys. helps a lot... :bow:...

I had to grind the gear. Actually, I had to do it in two places. The second photo where the center pin is I had to grind two of the teeth (actually the shop that installed the gears and lockers did this). Then, on the other side, I had to grind the inside edges of a couple of teeth so that I could get the centering block out. There was no problems in the rear as far as the housing was concerned. In the front it very tight. If I ever pull the third in the front out again I will grind a bit on the housing to make the install easier.

I know nothing about the install, but think about this...when you break on the trail, who's gonna have a spare one of either of these...you might find someone with 4.11's tho...

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