4.56 locked and limited slip thirds

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Jun 28, 2003
Here again...
United States
For sale are a pair of thirds off of my hj60. Both were completely rebuilt (seals, bearings etc) with the new gears and multi-tapped flanges about 8-10,000 miles ago. The locker was only wheeled once but was periodically engaged to keep things moving. The rear is geared with Yukon 4.56 and the ARB air locker. My axle is a full float but the locker has provisions for a semi-float axle and I have the c-clips for the locker. The front third was also built with Yukon gears and the factory non-usa toyota limited-slip. The limited slip unit was not rebuilt as it didn't need it (low mile unit) and was not shimmed for more torque transfer (still stock). I think the factory figure is about 12% power transfer so it works well in the front axle.

Thirds are in Davis CA

1500 for both or
1000 for the ARB third
600 for the limited slip third

I am firm on these prices.

Thanks for looking,

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... and of course all prices are negotiable.
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P|M Sent - Thanks
87 60 series

will LSD fit the front of my 60 series? john
what are you putting in their place?

I'm going back down to ARB locked 4.11's and a toybox for gearing. I hated taching my 2h so high on the freeway and figure this way I get the best of both worlds. We'll see.

i would like to

hey iron, as much as i would like to buy the lsd i still need to get rid some of the stuff in my garage to buy other stuff.unless somebody comes up to me and give me 500 bucks for the unit i'm selling then i'll make you an offer,sorry i guess. john:frown:
Any interest in an ARB with course spline 4.10 - could throw in a FJ80 4.10 ring and pinion as well? I'm switching to 4.56's (have two built up and just picked up another gearset for the ARB), but have to rebuild the ARB first....just a thought.
Sorry for the delayed response. Here are some photos of the ARB third. I'll get some of the limited slip unit tomorrow.
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