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Aug 30, 2014
Colbert, Oklahoma
hello cruiser people. can anyone explain why if I have a 4.3 tbi with 4.3 injectors, I am supposed to use prom chip #16139566 which is for a 5.7 motor, and cal-pak # 16060836, which is also for a 5.7 motor. thought all that was to match closely as possible to my 2f-4.2. like I should get chip from 4.3 4-wheel drive or something similar to mine. but, knowledgeable people have said that and it's pretty confusing to me. doesn't stand to reason for me, but I am just starting this conversion and don't know much, am trying to understand and figure it out so I get it right. do ya'll know if this set-up will be able to "read" and program itself to my motor with so much difference in size? I can't program one myself[don't have a clue] so trying to be careful here. has anyone done this and said- hey, great, that's just what I was looking for and not had to fine tune it? or, [the worse question I could ask- can someone tune this chip for me?] my motor runs good, I can tune conventional stuff, but I can barely use my cell phone. HA! anyway, have 2f, bored .020, headers, 4-speed, with 4-11 gears. the rest is stock. trying to gain fuel economy over performance. get 12mpg with weber 32-36, kind of retired so can't hardly afford to take a road trip. live in Oklahoma, like to see rocky mountains. don't mind paying for a chip that worked as I would have to buy stuff to tune one anyway [lost again]. seems like there would be someone out there that does that but I haven't heard anything yet. also build log furniture. hell, I would build someone a rustic coffee table plus pay them their asking price! [I make nice ones]. HA! someone please get back to me, I am "desperate in Oklahoma". ya'll have a good day and Happy Trails!
Mar 31, 2005
Citrus Springs, Florida
Your previous post on this question had a good answer in post #6 by Jim. 4.2 for our 2F, size does matter.
Chevy used the same ECU in many models, but used DIFFERENT bins in the chips according to engine size, transmission, other things. Go to about any junk yard and ask for a chip from an Astro van or any Chevy 4.2 V6 from the mid 1980's and that chip should work.
Did you read the FAQ link in your other post? The FAQ talks about 'hot' chips for the 2F also.

Jerry D.

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