4.2 Diesel Straight Pipe

Sep 13, 2018
Eastern Europe
Looking in modyfing the exhaust system on my 99’ 1HD-FTE Landcruiser. Should I straight pipe? Or just a resonator delete? I want a cool sound in the city, but not a disturbung drone on highway (a little bit of drone won’t bother me though, just nothing too serious).
What do you guys think about? Oh, and if you modified the exhaust on your diesel, share your experience here!
Lookkng forward in seeing what you guys say:)
May 30, 2017
I was at a Landcruiser specialist a while ago, they sold aftermarket exhausts for the diesel Landcruiser 100's (and 80's, 70's, 60's etc...).

There was only one muffler between the downpipe and the exhaust, the exhaust would bend to the side just before the rear tire.
The pipe was cut so it was flush (in height) with the rocker panels. Sound was really good.

When I replaced my downpipe a few weeks ago I drove around the block without an exhaust or downpipe. Great but very very loud sound.
A few days after that I poked a hole in muffler while offroading, sound is also great now.

I think I will create my own side exhaust in a few months, some off the shelf mufflers and 3'' pipe should do it.
I could always weld the hole and go back to original.
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