Wanted 4.10 fine spline diff needed

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Jun 25, 2003
Rixeyville, VA
United States
I'm in need of one 3rd member/diff for my 82 fj40. am looking to put in 4.10 but they must have a fine spline flange. i will have two 3.70 that will be ready for sale or trade soon. Cruiserhead05@yahoo.com
Re:steering box

I'm about to pull one off a '71 , do you want the whole steering column? I'm in central Montana
22R motor needed.

Anybody got a line on a used 22R motor within 2 states of S.Utah?
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if a 76fj40 fine spline will fit i have one for you its a 410 still in a axle, let me know

it's fine spline axle, but course spline pinion...probably not what's needed
3FE needed

Looking for a good used 3FE for my 88 FJ62. Let me know what you have. Thanks
80: need Diff ECU, rear diff actuator motor

Seems 1/2 of my ECU is gone (rear section). Front works ok.
Need the DIFF ECU that is in the PS kick panel.

Also need rear diff pressure switch and rear diff actuator motor (actuator spiral and mechanics are fine but motor seems burnt out)

1996 FZJ in Longmont, CO
brendan.lally@ mail.com
3FE needed

Depending on where you are, www.cruiserparts.net in New Hampshire might be a good source.

Let me know if you will be parting out the old motor, as I would be interested in purchasing your oil pan if you end up with an extra.

wanted: Intake/Exhaust manifold (F engine)

Looking for intake/exhaust combo that isn't cracked or warped. Let me know your price and condition if you are interested in selling.

Bob LeVeque
Antigo, WI
wanted: Intake/Exhaust manifold (F engine)

I Think I have one off of a 70. I will have to check to see if it is still in the barn. I will try to take a couple of pics a post them for you.
22R motor needed.

Sorry it took till now to get back to ya, there's trucks for a grand here too. Thank you though.
My buddies and I are into resurrecting trucks almost as much as saving money.
t'case shift boot

Subject says it all! :)
looking for a aluminum FJ40 tailgate w/storage

Any suggestions where I can find one other than the going rate??

I'm looking for a v8 for a 1981 FJ60. I'm helping my Dad look. I think he wants fuel enjected.

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