3rd Gen. 4Runner parts

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May 5, 2008
Missoula, MT
United States
Wanting to sell off some 3rd Generation 4Runner parts to make some room. All parts are off a '99 limited. Color was Imperial Jade/Mica (dark green metallic). This list updated 12/01/09

Front factory bumper ltd w/ fogs $100.00
factory running boards $100.00 both
rear hatch door, has a few minor dings, no badges or wind deflector $100.00
factory skid - pay shipping
Factory fuel tank/skid with pump and sender $100.00
front driver and passenger power window assembleys, no glass $25.00 both
IFS Diff A04A 4.30:1 w/ ADD $100.00
Rack and Pinion Sold.
Lower control arms $25.00 both
Rear control arms and panhard, need a spare? $10.00 ea, $40.00 for all 5
Downey Manual Hub Conversion- Sold.
Front Driver and Passenger inner door latches - pay shipping
ABS sensors/wires - pay shipping
Also have steering arms from '80s solid axle - pay shipping
email jlheepetr@live.com for pics of bumper etc.
any reasonable offers accepted, Missoula MT
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Yes, I have a complete front and rear lift for sale in this forum. Its under "Allpro/Downey lift for 96-02 4Runner and Tacoma" Sold
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With the downey manual hub conversion, does that come with the entier downey kit and the half shafts. ie. everything to covert add to manual? If so , pm me with price to 92653. Thanks
Being one who has done the manual hub swap $400 is a deal.

Updated the parts list today. I need to get rid of the rest of this stuff. Anyone need a new fuel tank?

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