3FE starter contact stud


Sep 17, 2002
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The +12V contact on my starter is corroded and I think it is causing intermittent starting problems. I went to clean it up today and I can't get the nut and cable off - the nut, cable connector, and the stud on the solenoid body are rust-welded together and when I try to turn the nut the cable connector, nut, and stud turn as a unit. I was scared to keep turning it all and tightened it back up. It's soaking in Kroil now, but I don't see any way of getting the nut off the stud as there is no way to grab the stud.

My question is - is this a stud that I can just turn out of its threaded hole and replace, along with the cable and nut, or is it not supposed to turn at all and is all connected to wires and shtuff inside the solenoid body?

thanks for any advice - this is a 3FE in a '90 FJ62.

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