3FE Oil Pressure Sender Unit

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Mar 30, 2009
Does anybody know if the O3 (W) wire connects to a male tab on the Oil Pressure Sender Unit. Reason that I'm asking is, when I was driving home yesterday I saw that my oil gauge in my combination meter didn't move at all. It just stayed to the bottom. Usually it moves to the 2nd line when driving. I pulled over to the side and checked. The O2 (BR) wire that goes in the middle came off. The O2 (BR) wire goes to the Volt in the combination meter. I connected it back on. When I grabbed it there was another wire connected to it. It is the O3 (W) wire that goes to the oil in the combination meter. There was no male tab to connect this wire to.
When i looked on line for a new one, all had connections for the middle tab O2 (BR) wire and and some with/without the welded on male tab for the O3 (W) wire. I just don't know which 1 is the correct one. If somebody knows, can you chime in so I can buy the correct one. Much mahalos. Aloha
Maybe it's me, but I'm not following what the heck you're describing. The oil pressure sender is below the oil filter housing and is a single white wire. The brown wire is a common ground to the housing according to the schemo, which is tied to the ground for the volt meter.
Yes john thats the 1 I'm talking about. I was looking at the fsm and it doesn't have a picture, just the diagram. Can you look in your truck to see what I'm talking about when you have time?
The black wire with the white wire attaches to the middle saucer type clip.
The grey clip is for what?


This is mines minus the male fitting on the housing. I only have the center saucer clip that goes to the black housing.

Funny. I lost all oil pressure on the dash meter yesterday. I shut her down and climbed under truck and found the little "button" connector had worked itself loose. Reattached and back in business. I puckered pretty good for a minute there as I was pushing the old girl pretty hard on I-10 headed to hunting camp.

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