3FE low idle after a top end rebuild

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Nov 6, 2017
what up mud... hoping someone can help me solve an issue that I've been working on for about a month now. I'll start by disclosing the symptoms I'm having right now and go on with further details. So long story short, my FJ80 was starting to burn coolant and running rough, so I went ahead and bought a top end seal kit. After many nights in the garage and many many beers later, I can't seem to get it right. At first I couldn't even get it to idle. It would fire up, and have a really inconsistent idle that would range from 300 to 0, basically stalling out and starting itself again. Now I can start the engine, and have got to the point where i have a consistent idle at a very low 200rpms. No codes and I've tried everything I can think of.

During the job, while the head was off, I noticed that the valves needed to be done, so I got the head done at my local shop (4 Wheel Auto). They thoroughly checked and cleaned the head as well as installed new valves. I was told everything was A OK with the head and valves.

I started off by checking timing. Ive installed the dizzy 4 times now and I'm confident it's where it needs to be. I then checked all vacuum lines for cracks, wrong placement, or missed hoses. Checked the TPS according to the FSM and everything checks out. After that I checked fuel injectors and their connectors. I did the de smog during the process and thought it might account to that, but I've went through spook's write up many times and another forum post about it being done for the fj80 and I'm positive everything is good with that.

I recently opened up the pulsation dampener cap and my screw was just sitting in the threads, not screwed in. I screwed that in and adjusted it to the point where I have my most consistent idle (still at 200rpms). My gut tells me that it's fuel related but I can't seem to find anyone else with a consistent idle with it being that low. I've ran it at this rpm until she reached operating temp, and have had no change.

Any ideas would be much appreciated!!!
If you open the throttle will it run faster?
Sounds odd have you confirmed timing valve adjustments are correct all injectors firing correctly
Before we get ahead of ourselves here, I should also point this out. I replaced my intake hosing with this radiator hose, avoiding the $400+ I was quoted for OEM hosing. With that, I don't have the splice in the section closest to the filter housing. So I spliced the one to route to both the valve cover and the intake chamber. Could this be causing the issue?
Hmm, your ISC might not be happy sharing vacuum with the PCV. Remove the hose from the ISC (letting it pull ambient air) and see what happens? May have to jumper the fuel pump if the COR activates.

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