3FE from a 62 in a 1991 80??

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Nov 9, 2006
Alpharetta GA
Just wondering if anyone on here as swapped a 3FE from a FJ-62 to a FJ-80. There is a local 80 for sale with a bad engine and a buddy of mine has a complete engine and trans from a 1988 62. I have checked with several salvage yards but none are close enough to do a compression check etc. :cheers:
I want to say yes, and I'm pretty sure all the major items will bolt up. The transfer cases are different between the 62 and 80 so the transmission/transfer interface will be different. If you want to keep the fulltime 4wd of the 80, then you'll want the A440F from the 80.

There will be much more in-depth answers from the nice folks on the 3FE Yahoo list.
3FE : Toyota 3FE group (FJ62, '91-92 FJ80)
From what I've heard the motor will bolt to the 80 series transmission but you have to use the flexplate and torque converter from the 62 transmission. the 62 and 80 series 3f-e have a different size pilot hole in the back of the crankshaft.
Going to look at the truck tomorrow to see if its worth the trouble. Thanks for the replys.

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