Wanted 3FE Engine for FJ62

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Dec 29, 2010
Boise, ID
United States
I am looking at doing a rebuild on my current engine. Right now I'm hoping to find a running 3FE engine donor engine to give me time to rebuild at a casual pace. I would prefer a running engine with less than 180,000 miles (can be a rebuilt engine). For ease of time and labor it would be nice if it had some of the accessories attached: distributor, power steering pump, alternator, air pump, fan clutch. Without these parts is not a deal breaker but should be Valve cover to oil pan at least and a good cylinder head. I am open to hear what you may have available. My goal is to have my car to drive around while I work on rebuilding the old power plant. Thanks for any help or referrals with this. I would obviously cover shipping or picking it up. I live in Boise, Idaho so if any of you cruiser heads around here know of anything feel free to share this with them.

Happy trails,

i have one that is nearly complete. higher mileage than what you’re looking for and i’m in canada. was running when i pulled it two years ago for diesel swap

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