Wanted 3FE cyl. head, '89 FJ62

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Jun 6, 2012
United States
I need a good cylinder head for an '89 3fe. Bare is fine, I have the valvetrain. Located in Omaha.
Someone knows someone who has one laying around... I know it's not going to be local, prepared to pay shipping..
I have a 3fe head in so cal. I imagine the UPS from 92870 might be rough though.

Not sure what condition the head is in. It came off a runner but that's about all I know about it.

Shoot me an email to dallen@claycon.com if you want to discuss...Don
I have one too. I didn't know the condition of it which is why I didn't respond. It is on a higher mileage engine that was running when pulled but who knows what it it really like. Shipping on them used to be about $110 but since rates went up Jan. 1 who knows.
Pending. Thanks for the responses!

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