3F head can you carb one?

Jul 31, 2005
North Texas
I everyone !! I am new to the forum, and the cruiser seen. I purchased and 85 fj60 and fell in love with it. so I sold my jeep and my blazer. It is in need of a re-build though. I have heard that you can use the 3f head on the 2f motor. But my question is can the 3f head be used with a carb? And are any headser avalable for it, I have seen alot for the 2f. I have a 3f head and block, but I do not have the fuel injection. So I am trying to explore my options to get a little more power from the old cruiser. I would like to thank any one for there help and advice in advance.


Jim :


Jun 13, 2003
The 3F head is very different than the 3FE head. Yo will need the carb 3F head, a carb IN/EX and the carb. Believe it or not all that crap is cheap. I got the head for $80 and the IN/EX for $110 from SOR. The carb is available new from Nardek in OZ.
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