3F/h55f in a non usa truck: 3.70 or 4.11

Sep 12, 2019
Fussa, Japan

HJ61 & H55F with 3.7 gears.. came from Spain
Oct 29, 2017
Sharon, TN
I held off on the H55F swap forever because everyone on here said a 2F wouldn’t pull 5th gear with 3.70 gears and 33’s. Well I finally bit the bullet and swapped mine last week and so far all I can say is they were absolutely wrong.

The 5 speed swap is the best upgrade I’ve done other than the Sniper EFI. I dropped from 2800rpm @70 to roughly 2300rpm. Now it runs 84mph at 2800rpm. Mine has plenty of power to pull the hills we have around here(west TN) in 5th gear at Hwy speeds.

Another benefit is the lower first gear. With the H55F, 1st gear 4-Hi is almost the exact same ratio as 2nd gear 4-Lo with the old 4 speed, which is what I usually used on the types of trails and logging roads I ride on.

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