3B with GM bell housing

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Jan 2, 2005
CouleeDamWA, BoiseID
What year bell housing is best to use on the 3B with an SM465? My BJ70 needs some series frame and body cancer work. I have a Jeep Comanche with ARB lockers. I still want to use my 3B and I want to keep the Dana axle with ARB lockers. Im trying to come up with the best and lowest cost way to keep the drivetrain and suspension while I work on my 70. Due to Covid I lost my business and won’t be able to just throw some money at the Cruiser and get everything fixed. My Comanche is rust free and is being converted to diesel anyway.

Any other top loading transmissions that will allow me to use a drivers side drop t-case?
Should be the same as the F series engines? I’d like to use something a little more street friendly gearing wise than the granny gear on the SM465.
Best AND lowest cost you ask.

Who says you get both?
I’m just going to drill a hole in the spring perch a 1/4 inch and convert the MJ over to cruiser axles. Then use the H55F. Problem solved.

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