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Dec 2, 2009
Ft Worth, TX
Haha, Thanks Klingon, I actually saw your rig once when it belonged to cruisinfj60, sweet ride. I hope all goes well with the potential vehichle, I'll keep everyone posted and if I do it, I will start a build thread....

More like a begging for advice thread.....

alberta mac

addicted but not cured
May 21, 2009
Paradise Calgary Alberta Canada
I read a few but just went to reply: I've done this on my fj45. Label all wires on the gas motor so you can wire up to diesel motor. No idea what a shift kit is ? Trany hump, perhaps just cut new holes. When installing the motor get the motor mounts and trany mounts from the doner vehicle, level clamp then weld. (Have the trany mount connected and the motor mounts connected to the motor) You will need a vacuum canister for the braking sys. If you get 33'' tires you will need both axles shimmed. You will also need both drive shafts lengthened or shortened.
Post up some pics !

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