3b starter contacts denso part #

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Mar 31, 2006
I can find Wilson part numbers for the contacts and plunger in the FAQ, and found a thread with Denso part numbers of:
Plunger : 053660-0660
And contacts (maybe) 053513-0261

Both parts are easy to get at Densoproducts.com. However, are there two differently shaped contacts? Are they different numbers?
Also, the shipping for $10 worth of copper trinkets is $23 at denso. Is there an ebay source I am missing? Thanks!
If there is an auto electric shop nearby try them. I got spares locally and cheap - I think <$10. If you are 24v apparently you want the silver coated contact for longevity, however I'm a couple of years into the plain copper ones.

The same basic starter is used in many NA vehicles.

Good luck!
Thanks guys, I ended up ordering plunger and 2 contacts for about $21 shipped from Iowa Motor Parts. I ordered the denso #'s I listed above which IMP had listed with Wilson part #'s different than those in the FAQ. I hoped to have partson hand when I tore it apart but if the ones I ordered are wrong I'll head to an electrical shop. Either way I'll post some additional working part numbes if all goes well. Thank you all.
elkhorn, where did you order the plunger from? Can one be ordered locally near seattle? What was the Denso starter part number that is installed on a 3B motor?

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