3B Rebuild

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May 11, 2005
Lagrangeville New york
Well the snow has gone and the plow is off my bj 42 so I've just decided to begin a rebuild of the 3b. I spent 2 days getting it out on the floor and tomorrow it goes to the diesel doctor for a complete overhaul. I have pictures but cant get them to upload from my iphoto to the site, anybody know why? I've read everything I could find here but still a little worried I'll be able to get it back together. Anyway , anyone who wants to offer advice will be appreciated and I am hoping to pass along as much as I learn to anyone who is interested. Looks like I'll get the bits and pieces from Roodogs and whatever else they don't have from scrounging around here. I already know I'm gonna need engine mounts and the clutch fork rubber shield. Anyone know where I can find these ? Tim
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well i just got done getting mine totally rebuilt and just got it back in the rolling frame. lots, lots of pics prior to teardown (and backup the pics so if your computer crashes u dont lose them all like what happen to me). i got OEM mounts from SOR and alot of parts from 4wheelauto in Canada. i have pics of it under "BJ42 teardown" in this section. i only did the painting of parts and am now putting all misc compnonents back on. I had a machine shop machine and rebuild from kit i bought from 4wheelauto which the machine shop said was a nice kit. i ended up buying alot more than the kit when all was said and done but I am kinda anal anyways. I bought new oem cam, precups, lifters, rocker shaft, rockers, ......the shop commented on how well and over built this engine was which was nice to hear for the money i just poured into it. I think now that i have been going through the engine manual and if I had more time I may have been able to do alot of putting back together besides the machine shop wrok of course. i think all in all everything in mine is new except crank, pushrods, springs, and gears? if you have any questions just ask for I have had to source just about all the parts and can guide you wherever?

good luck
on to the shop

Thanks for the support Roberto! I just loaded it onto a trailer and took it over to a friends shop. He is a diesel mechanic and is going to do the disassembly for me and then it goes to the machine shop. I'll keep posting my progress as it goes along . I expect this to take a couple of months. I think I'll end up doing the same as you, I really want to have it last for another ten years or so so I'm gonna do everything right. Roodogs seems to have everything I'll need so I expect to be doing a lot of overseas shopping. I already know I need engine mounts and clutch fork bushing. The throw out bearing was dry and the clutch fingers look damaged so Probably a clutch kit too.... Its all gonna add up...!!!! Keep smiling!! Tim
its all greek to me

Beast, Thanks for the info on uploading. I gotta get my nephew over here to get me started , I will eventually get some photos going here Tim
yeah all in all because of some changes with mechanics and waiting for parts we didnt see needing replacing it took about 4 months. I had the head ported and the 13BT ported, luckily there was no cracks in head, only precups. hope it runs like a beast when it finally cranks, dont care about alot of power as long as it is reliable and will get me to and from and hopefully lasts another 25 years.

good luck will be following
I've been following your posts and your doing an outstanding job ,. My bj came to me with a aqualu tub and pretty fair paint ,but since then I've rebuilt the 4 speed and transfer case[ sent to Marlin Crawler], added a 4' lift [HFS cool cruisers} rebuilt front knuckles and brakes[ Mike Fox in CT.] rebuilt seat mounts, added a solar converter , hella lamps and battery wiring, a 12V accessory fusebox , Por on the frame and lots of little details. I actually like working on it as much as driving it. So , I'm in no rush. Keep the posts coming, I am really enjoying your work. I hope mine comes out half as good! Tim

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