3B radiator question

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Oct 31, 2012
British Columbia
I just ordered a new radiator from NAPA auto parts and it seems like they’ve sent me one with the wrong configuration. My OEM radiator has the inlet and outlet ports on the same side, the new one the inlet and outlet ports are diagonal from each other. Does anyone know if it will work with my 84 60 series 3B??


If its the top hose port thats on the wrong side.. then double check your upper thermostat housing, if its the same style as the 2H you may be able to rotate it to point it to the other side of the engine bay... A check of the parts diagram shows that the BJ60 did ship with the 3 bolt upper thermostat housing.. so it should rotate. Take the time to cut out a new gasket if you do this.

Also, if this does work out.. please do an aggressive flush of your block prior to exposing this new radiator to your engine (based on your previous thread)

edit.. a closer check of the parts diagram suggests the lower hose needs to be on the other side.. I'm not sure you're going to be able to make this radiator work "as is".. thankfully any good radiator guy will be able to relocate the lower outlet for you and plate up the hole..
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looks like a gas version
you need 1 that looks like this


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