3B Power Steering Crank Pulley

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Mar 26, 2009
My BJ42 doesn't currently have power steering and I'm planning on adding it in the next few weeks. I will need a double groove crank pulley, does anyone know where I could find one? Are there any other Toyota gas vehicles with the same pulley at junk yards? Thanks!

l ordered a few from the dealer and they are about $100 canadian,either the power steering or a/c puller will work,but make sure you have the later harmonic balancer with 6 M8 holes instead of two,or you can just use a longer alternator belt to run them all.
Thanks for the reply! How long did it take to get the pulleys from the dealer, do they have to usually order from Japan? I like the idea of running one longer belt, I'll have to see how everything lines up when I build a pump bracket and install the minitruck pump in a few weeks. If anyone has a pulley laying around I'll buy it!

Have a 3B/13B-T PS pulley as well as the tensioner bracket/pulley assy w/ bolts for sale
Also parting out a 3B in an 86 BJ70 which has a complete PS set up in it. PM me if interested.

If you are putting PS pulley on a later 6 bolt 3B crank pulley you also need to fit the spacer that takes the place of the AC pulley.
EPC B series Crank pulleys.jpg
ps pulley

the last 3 took about 10 days,thay all came from the california warehouse,last one l ordered was 3 months ago and they only have 2 left.
I took the water pump pulley from a 1991 Toyota 4Runner and machined it onto the existing crank pulley. I was making a whole new bracket for the power steering pump so this worked fine. However, I had to put a 1/2" aluminum shim behind the fan as it would hit the new pulley.
ac setup/ pulley

heres what the a/c pulley looks like, i have a chevy alternator rigged up where the a/c would normally go.
i have the six bolt main pulley and the power steering pulley.

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no specific pulley, theres just a 1/16" spacer that sits between the the water pump pulley and the flywheel. when the ac pulley is on the spacer is removed beacause the new pulley makes up for the 1/16"
Hi, I’m looking for a 3B power steering crank pulley with the 6 holes does any one know where I can get it ?
I have one, new. Do you want to buy? $100 shipped (from Finland)
Yes, no problem 😉 thanks… and merry Christmas 🎁
Merry Christmas to you too.

Here it is:


Diameter about 165 mm:

Center hole about 68 mm and bolt pattern about 6x89 mm:

Depth about 49 mm:

Edit: this might be from from 3B or early 2H, I’m not sure.

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