AltFuel 3b on WVO facts

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Feb 1, 2009
Portland, OR
I've been running my 96 dodge on WVO for a few months now. It's good quality oil and it runs very very well on it. So now I want to get a 4x4. I'm from Portland OR and plan on importing on a 3b, bj40 from canada. I'm kind of putting the cart before the horse here but I like to preplan everything and get an idea of some facts about the cruiser.

1) I assume they only have one tank. Where are you all putting the extra tank for the 2 tank conversion? How many gallons is it? Is the stock tank galvanized?
2) Is this an inline injection pump like my cummins 12 valve? (I'd heard it was a while back but not sure on that)
3) What size fuel lines does it have? We use parker 801 push lock here but I'm not sure that comes in metric. What do the rest of you use?
4) What type of lift pump does it have?
5) Anything else unique about this rig running WVO that I need to know?

Thanks for your help.
here's the goods

I've been running my 3B on wvo for going on 3 year..............

My wvo tank is one of those 'long range' aftermarket tanks that goes above the rear axle so as to conserve inside cargo space. It holds 80L. I got mine from Man-a-fre. 800-900usd but it fits right, it's baffled and there's no screwing around and loosing space. I simply have 2 fuel caps as the plumbing to the firewall is all up under my rig. Get a solenoid valve ,gauge and send unit from Greasecar.
IMO, the old school 3B set-up is ideal for WVO much like the 300 series MB motors. Direct injection and a robust inline IP. The lift pump is mechanical and pulls the WVO just fine. The lines are 5/16 (actually it's whatever is closest to that in metric), although most of my lines on the wvo side are 3/8. It might be better to have 3/8 lines pre lift pump b/c it will be less restrictive. Some newer rotory pumps and indirect injection set-up seem to have problems from what I've read. I've run 15k plus kms with my set-up with few problems. Any problems are not to do with the 3B motor, IP or lift pump and mostly to do with wvo not being hot enough yet or plumbing layout my own doing.
As with most projects like wvo it'll be an on going experiment for a couple years. I've added parts and re-routed the plumbing a couple times over the years. The rig just keeps getting better.
I'd advise a turbo unit right off the bat for power to an anemic 90 hp 3B but mostly b/c with a turbo everything gets hot faster which is better for wvo.
It's become clear to me that there is a somewhat dramatic temp drop AFTER the IP and into the hard injector lines. The next upgrade for me will be some injector line heaters to mitigate the drop in temp. Pre IP I'm anywhere from 150-200F depending on outside temp. There are some cold spring fall days where my rig willl quit runnin upon switchover therfore the drop post IP has to be at least 50F. The line heaters are said to bring those lines up to 200F in about 2mins. so I'm hoping it'll solve the issue and allow me to switch over at 20mins for the majority of the year. Otherwise you have to wait until the motor is completely heat soaked to switch over in cold closer to 40-60mins. Line heaters can be sourced from Fattywagons.
I hope this helps.
SO will a 3B motor by its self run fine off of WVO the "tank system" and fuel prep thet is what improtant
It will run fine on VO fuel that is Clean to 5µ, DRY [less than 500 PPM water], and HOT [greater than 150°F] . Cold, wet, dirty VO fuel will cause problems.

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