3B IP adjustments

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Aug 15, 2009
Nelson, BC, Canada
Hi fellas.

On our inline 3B pumps, does the injection timing become more retarted as the pump wears after 30+ years of service and hundreds of thousands of miles? Do they have to then be adjusted slightly to compensate? I am also a Ford (IH) diesel fan and have a few; with their Stanadyne roatry pumps, timing does in fact become retarded with wear and much sooner then I think a 3B pump would, as the Stanadyne pumps in those just aren't that great. So I tend to bump up the timing by a degree or so every 100k or there abouts.

My 3B pump has NEVER been touched. just wondering if theres anything tuning I could do to maintain the best efficiency. Also, wear is the fuel adjustment screw on them? I don't plan on touching it but just would like to know.
I can remember filing out extensions to the curved adjustment slots on the CAV rotary pump on my 1965 Landrover series 2A (2 1/4L diesel) to try and get more timing adjustment too.

But I think our 1970s/1980s Toyota engines with their inline pumps are simply PERFECT in that regard with no adjustment necessary in a million kilometres or more of road travel.
These pumps never cease to amaze me in how robust they are.
My pal Mark has been running cruisers for over 25 years and he wrenched professionally at Toyota and in his own independent repair shop for the same time period and has never seen one fail ever.
They seem perfectly built for what they do.
Is the viscosity of the fuel we are burning now comparable to the fuel being burnt in Japan when these pumps were designed? Cause that may or may not have an effect on timing. Maybe???
I seem to recally talking with a injection guy who said that the design of the cam lobe injection plunger relationship naturally lets it wear so that timing is retarded. I dont think its intentional. If you consider that the first part of the lobe that begins the injection cycle will also wear the fastest, as it will see the greatest presure, as material is removed it will contact the injector later thus delaying the injection stroke.

I had my compression checked 480 all cylinders. Want to know if you got a answer to the timming being off. I know I am using much more fuel then required for a engine in this shape.

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