3b into fj45

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Jun 11, 2012
i know its been done before but cant find one that answers my question. i have an 84fj45 troopy currently 2f standard 4 speed tranny. not liking the fuel economy in it at all got it down from 25l to 21l per 100 km. but i want to put in a diesel money is an object so im considering a 3b out of a rusted out 83 bj42 that was given to me for parts also running standard 4 speed both engines are 12v. am i right in saying the engine and transmision mounts will be the same as they are both 40series cars? also apart from pulling out one engine and puting another in what do i have to do? will the tail shfts need to be lengthend or shortend? is it legal? will it need to be engineered? is it worth it?
I personally haven't done it but from my understanding the mounts are slightly different. It's far from impossible as the front frame on both trucks will be virtually identical. Can you park trucks side by side? Then spend a good hour sighting the differences. Trans mounts prob the same, driveshafts prob the same, legality will be a cinch. Power will be down. If I were to run a diesel in a heavy truck like a troopy I'd turbo it, even if it was a big-block 2H or 1HZ. I'd still turbo it.

Even in my old soft top BJ42 the 3B was a slug.
Should be an somewhat easy swap considering they are the similar designs. Pull the mounts withthe motor and usethose. I.ve never done one but would think that between the two trucks you should have almost everything you need

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