3B into a FJ60 wiring HELP

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Jan 25, 2008
Birmingham, Alabama
Can someone direct me to a good thread or other resource to assit in wiring up a 3B installed into a gas FJ60 Body/Chasis. Getting close to my install as soon as frame motor mounts arrive from Canada. Would like to get a jump start while motor and trans are still out of the truck. Have original BJ60 wiring from alternator and other wiring, not sure what or how much, arriving with mounts any day now.


Your best bet is to get the BJ60 dash cluster and wiring harness from the firewall/dash forward. That's what I did with the '55/3B conversion as well. Well I didn't use a BJ60 dash but I did use the harness and I would have used the dash had it been compatible.
I have pretty much all the "under hood" wiring on the way, I also have the bj60 cluster to swap out the tach. No under dash wiring, gord said it would take him a long time to pull from the donor bj. Would you suggest just installing the entire cluster from the BJ? How hard will it be to splice the existing wires with what hooks to the 3B???? Any threads to look at??
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