3B Into 82 Minitruck

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Jan 27, 2007
I'm really just posting this to see everyones opinion on it. After having a look at my buddy's 4Runner with this motor in it this weekend, I'm pretty darned sure this is what I want to do for an engine.

He's got a 70 series 3B Landcruiser motor installed in his 85 Runner. Using a custom adapter he's still got his W56 transmission and dual Toyota t-cases. Now he wants to swap to the Landcruiser transmission.

I think from the get go I'll go with the Landcruiser transmission, H55, and an adapter from Marlin Crawler to run the gear driven case.
Stock it's got 90hp and 160 ft-lbs vs the 96hp and 129 ft-lbs of my 22R.

What's everyone think? I know it is a very uncommon swap, I only know of 2 people with it (my friend and someone is AUS).
What wiring is there with the 3B?
What are the parts of the fuel system and how does it work?
Is there a computer/ecu like on EFI trucks?
There's no wiring really. Starter, alternator, Superglow if you want it, a switch if you don't, EDIC if you want it, a lever and a wilson switch if you don't. Its just a bit heavy for that application though. That Navistar 3 litre TD that the rover guys are using seems like it might be better for the task. 160HP, can't remember the torque.
EDIC = Electric Diesel Injection control. Its simply a motor and gearbox (like a wiper motor) That pushes or pulls a rod connected to the injector pump. It overinjects when starting and cuts the fuel when you have no oil pressure or shut off the key.
Talked to huckthehaus who's done this swap.

So I can use a cable as a choke to increase or cut fuel when starting or shut down the motor.

Fuel system, there's not much to it. Fuel tank, fuel tranfer pump, fuel filters, water seperator and then run the main fuel line through all of it. There's no return line.
There's no computer because it's a mechanical diesel, the only real wiring is the glow plugs, push button and a big relay to run them.
Stock igniton switch can crank the motor over but you need the diesel starter relay.

Still need to figure out motor mounts, rad and what transmission to use. I'm hoping I can use the cruiser one if at all possible.
There's no return line.
You sure about that? As I understand it, the 3B returns a LOT of fuel, being indirect-injection.

Really interesting swap idea, by the way! Didn't minitrucks come with a factory diesel for a couple of years? I think they even got imported to the States...
Keep out of the ecuation the weight it's a great swap .. coz it's a great engine. With crawler box ..uff .. crawling at 800 rpm will be great.
Really interesting swap idea, by the way! Didn't minitrucks come with a factory diesel for a couple of years? I think they even got imported to the States...

here a comparision maybe can be the 3L ( or 2L ) engine that comes in the Hi Lux with 4.88 R&P ..
The factory minitruck diesels are known for cracked heads, that's part of the reason huckthehuas went with the 3B.
He also told me that there was no return line.

Gear is what's got me know, I think 4.88s will work good with the tires I want and this engine.

2L and 2LT engines are famousx here also for the same reason .. head. But also the 1KZ-T family engines go in the same way .. less than L engines but still in the same way.

4.88 with a 3B engione in a mini truck its the setup to run 35" +

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