3B in BJ42 High Idle and White Smoke.

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Jul 23, 2006
Brisbane Australia
Hello All,

Need some help with my BJ42.

She is rough (to the point when I have to pull the remote idle knob out to reverse out of the driveway) at idle when cold and idles fast when hot.

Couple of other interesting observations.

Will bellow white smoke when in gear down hill after climbing.
Will not bellow white smoke when snap off accellerator pedal at 100kph, (so hill or load related).

Does not use coolant or oil.

White smoke does not smell like coolant.

Have replaced out EDIC with "better looking one".

Does seem to give off a bit of smake from crankcase ventilation pipe when idling high.

Engine has 365k on clock with head replaced at 280k.
Injectors done at 310k
Servicing done as per normal (oil 5K, filters and oil every 10k).

A mechanic at work has suggested dropped injector or rack return as possible causes.

Am yet to inspect condition of hoses on either side of throttle butterfly for cracks.

Please Help ???
I don't know about the white smoke, but when the diaphragm in your governor wears out and gets holes in it (and it will eventually) your idle RPM will go up very high and you will burn oil. probably not enough to make a noticeable increase in oil consumption but enough to make blue smoke (at least it looks blue to me) at idle or any time the throttle is closed. Especially going down hill on compression. It can be replaced on the vehicle without removing the injection pump, takes a couple of hours, you do have to remove the EDIC for access. It is best to study the engine service manual before you start.

Hole in diaphragm .White smoke is unburnt fuel from rack not fully returning .

Check your vacuum hose to pump first .

grumpy .
See my comments in the diesel section..
The holy diaphragm makes the most sense.
Have ordered one and will fit this weekend.
Will post to update.

Thanks for your help everyone...

Diaphragm Fitted - Problem gone.

Yes the diaphragm worked a treat.
I was a bit cautious about f\dropping the split pin into the pump but survived and the old girl runs better than ever...

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