3b head gasket part numbers


Sep 3, 2007
Longmont, CO
whats the proper p/n for a 3B head gasket? for my year, the EPC shows:


However this post here: IH8MUD Forums - View Single Post - 13B-T head gasket is same as 3B helpfully provides:

11115-58010 crosses to (starts out as a 1980/08 3B HG)
11115-58011 crosses to
11115-58012 crosses to
11115-58040 crosses to
11115-58110 which is the 3B/13BT HG up to 88/08 and then just the 13BT till 90/01.

The 3B splits off after 88/08 to 11115-58080.
So the question, then, is do I go with the latest cross ref p/n 11115-58110, or should I get the latest overall p/n, after the 3b and 13B-t diverged 11115-58080??? This appears to suggest that 1988+ 3Bs are different somehow (I have a 1981)

I spoke to Toyota today in anticipation of this debacle, and the 3B HG is backordered, but I want it superfast. Heres to hoping 4wheelauto or someone has one in stock :(
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