3b Hac fuel stop setting

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Jan 11, 2018
West Kelowna BC
Here is a pic of my HAC where it is currently set, I have an issue with excessive black smoke and it feels low on power compared to my other 3b's. its adjusted all the way to the lowest possible fuel stop setting, any other picture I have seen from others shows there hac way further out than mine.. is this correct? and any tips for fixing my black smoke problem?
Injectors? Blocked airflow , eg blocked air filter?
Havent had injectors out yet, i added seafoam to the tank and dribbled some down the throttle body. It seems to be improving some. It was run with a pull cable instead of the edic motot for quite some time which. Put it in the overfuel posistion most of the time
Do you have any history on the injectors? Last done?

There was a guy I used in Vancouver known to the Coastal Cruisers to clean and service my injectors. He sent me a set of cleaned ones with gaskets. I replaced and sent him my cores.

Of course there is more to check than just injectors. But if you have not had them done in a while that is good start. Seafoam and things like that are not comparable to properly cleaning and testing the injectors in a shop.
Yea no injector history on this bj42. I got a guy here in kelowna that did a set for me b4 who is quite reasonable if u dont waiting a couple months
Update Problem solved!! swapping injectors changed nothing, so i decided to swap in the injection pump from my spare 3B with no HAC, and bingo no more black smoke cloud!

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