3B Exhaust Studs

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Sep 1, 2007
Palmer, Alaska
I can't seem to find my metric thread pitch gauge. Anyone know the pitch for the exhaust manifold studs on a 3B?

Just take an old one to NAPA. I got my replacements there.
That’s what I’d like to do but the local NAPAs are very limited on metric studs and I haven’t been able to extract an old one, even with double nuts and an impact.
An Ace hardware should have them. I saw the assortment there recently. I want to say the pitch is 1.25. I just cleaned the threads on mine that I have on the engine stand.
I do heat and penetrating oil a lot. I've had good success with heat and a wax candle strangely. A trick from my uncle. Heat it up super hot then melt the candle on the threads. Sounds weird but works very well. When we did my buddies OME springs I was able to work off all the Ubolts with out any trouble, and they were rusty. On a 30yr old BC truck that's pretty amazing.
WHy do you need new studs if you can't get the old ones out? First things first my friend.
I'd have to say I'd prefer to run the threads over and clean them up before I'd replace the stud. Breaking them off is a real possibility and a crappy one at that. I've reused studs that were in pretty rough shape successfully before. The gasket doesn't need a ton of force to crush properly. My 2c

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