3B - Different Rod and Cap Numbers??? (1 Viewer)

Aug 12, 2020
Australia QLD
Last post was trouble starting with all conditions met. sadly after using a compression tester kit Cylinders 1 and 2 read ~320psi. After dropping some oil into the injector port BOOM 550 psi.

Rings are gone thats fine i got some.

So starting with the sump i notice that my rods and caps all have different numbers stamped into the side.

Cyl 1 - Cap = 2 Rod = 1
Cyl 2 - Cap = 1 Rod = 1
Cyl 3 - Cap = 1 Rod = 2
Cyl 4 - Cap = 1 Rod = 2

Memory serves I swapped piston 2 cause the rod was kaput and i swapped 3 (or was it 1) cause of bad piston damage with another one from a 3b coaster. (my vehicle is a delta truck)

so is this something i should be concerned about. I have kept the caps with the rods from both engines at all times and marked them with a paint pen.

Thanks all. Novice back yard mechanic.

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