3B Diesel cylinder head

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Jul 22, 2002
This problem began with the failure of the head gasket on the 3B engine that has been transplanted in my 77 FJ40. I have removed the head, everything looks good except that two of the combustion chambers have small cracks.

Do i need to replace all of the combustion chambers, or can i just change the two damaged ones?

Can the combustion chambers be removed without the use of SST 09208-48010; if so, how?

Is there an upgrade that will prevent these cracks from forming in the future?
change all of the chambers and get them from Geoff Walsh in AU- a set of 4 are around $70 US these days.
I would STRONGLY recommend magnafluxing the head. I thought that the gasket on my BJ60 blew last year and I replaced the gasket only to find out that the head was cracked even though it was not visible to the naked eye. I'd bet that yours is cracked between all the valve ports. If you mag it and find it cracked get a head from Geoff Walsh. He has high nickel heads which are supposed to be more resistant to cracking. That's the route I took last year and I've had no problems even running an AXT turbo!
Thanks .... i'll mag the head on monday to ensure that there are no cracks.

Is there a North American distributor for Geoff Walsh?

no US dealer, just order direct with credit card and skip the middleman.

3B heads all have cracks, judgement call if they are too bad to use. OEM combustion chambers always crack, so don't be thinking you are the first. The heads are a good product (G.W.) and come with chambers. They are Chinese Billet Aussie machined and the "high nickle" is a misnomer. Also, OEM (NOS) head can be found at a friends in Regina if you need one ASAP. PM me offlist.
Cory at Kodiak Custom in Maple Ridge gets stuff from Geoff Walsh if you don't want the import hassle. That's where I got mine from.

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