39.5 on a fj40?

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Apr 20, 2003
Do you guys think 71 fj40 axles will handle 39.5 swampers. I'm swapping mini truck knuckles on the front. I've seen some fj40's with tires that big, but wonder if I'm opening a can of worms by putting such a big tire on cruiser axles. I've done a soa and have 2" springs on the back., I think they'd clear, just don't know if they'd rub on the springs? Anybody have tires this big on their crusier? Thanks
A friend has some on his but he never finished it, on the other hand Woody runs 38's with the normal breakage you would expect from him.
have a buddy that has 2 fj40's both with stock axles. his first one is a 350 th 350 with 44's second is 350 th400 and 40's and he wheels those two hard. very rarely does he brake something.
there is a guy in town who has 39.5s on his 40 with a 454,th400,stock tcase and axles he's gone thru a couple of driveshafts but the axles have held up well

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