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Sep 29, 2003
The Sunshine State
how do i set the spring perches at the right angle??do i just have to sit the spring perch up on the axle and put one of those rulers with level o gauge thing on top and make it so the bubble is in the middle and then just weld it on(making sure the axle and the drive shaft are still in the stcok postion), becuase i dont want to f it up and have to grind them back off?? second question should i buy new spring pins and do the stock spring pins have enough room for a 4 deg caster shim in the front?
This for a SOA project? If you set the perches right, there is no need for shims!

Set the axle under the truck on jackstands....just set the perches on there for now. Get the full weight of the rig on it. Measure your caster, and tack perches in place as needed.

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