For Sale 38.5 swampers on beadlocks in PA

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Apr 20, 2003
NE PA coal region
United States
Selling a set of four 38.5 super swampers on steel beadlocks $200 located notheast PA not far off interstate 81. Tires have oodles of dry rot cracks but hold air and have decent tread on them. Can't beat the price- these may be usable on the trail (not for me though!!!) or for rollers, or strip the tires off and use the beadlock wheels. I don't care just want 'em out of my garage! Will post some photos in a day or so. Best to email me
Very interested in the wheels. Need more info and pics please.

Pictures attached. Wheels appear to be 10" wide. What info do you need?

Tire 1.jpg

Tire 2.jpg

Tire 3.jpg

Tire 4.jpg
any idea on back spacing? 15in.?
Tires and wheels have been sold

Tom Orsini is using the beadlocks in CT and Nate is running the swampers onhis buggy. Thanks, Gary S

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