37s on a 60?

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Jan 26, 2006
I am getting ready to buy another 60 I am planning to run 37s on it. I wanted to know what needs to be done to run these. I am planning on doing an SOA does there need to be a lift on top of this? 2.5"? I know these tires are a little big for the stock axles but they will stay there for now untill I do a 4BT swap and new axles. Also I have 37x1250x17's on 17x8 rims with 4.5" backspacing. They are 8 lug rims. Will these work with a 2" adapter or do I just need to look for some different rims? I did not want to get new rims for the time because I will be putting 1 tons under it with the swap. thanks for the info guys.
you might get a bit of tire rubbing at full stuff depending on what parts you use for the SOA like shackle reversal, springs, etc. Most people run stock springs and longer shackles and 37s work out quite nicely. Tapage I believe runs an SR and some OME springs and he has PLENTY of clearance for his 37s. Kling-on runs 38s, stock springs, no SR but has done some pretty extensive fender trimming. I'm running 39.5s with stock springs, AALs, 1 inch body lift, and plenty of fender trimming too.
Hi dude .. nice to hear someone have great plans for other lovely 60 series ..

With my SR I need to go in the front fender triming way .. coz my tires Rub at full compresion ( tired OME 2.5 ) with the rear of the front fender ..

I thought I trimm close to 3 - 4 inches ..


I'm not sure but maybe with fresh OME and no SR the 37" not necesary hit the fender ..

Would be pretty nice to see this 60 with the 4BT ..
hey, i was running soa with re-arched leaves on 35's with more than enough clearance for 37's, though a little trimming would be a safe measure. im now on parabolics and longer shackles and will be going 39's sooner or later. I think you should be fine for 37's and SOA. if you end up on the trail quite a bit and find your getting rubbing, then get extended shackles, or re-arch the leaves or trim the body a little, or 1" body lift.

(I know some people hate re-arches and body lifts, but the body lift makes gettting the transmission off alot easier, and gives room for a turbo and intercooler.)

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