.37 cents in t-case - help?

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Jun 4, 2004
Denison, Texas
My driveline problems are almost solved - and I corrected the major problem tonight. The problem (Was) a hard clump-clump vibration on rear driveline, but was fixed when I rotated the rear driveshaft spline so that both u-joints were 90 degrees out-of-phase from each other. I also cut and re-welded the spring perches after rotating the rear diff (up) almost 2" so that both (rear) u-joints were within 3 degrees of each other.

Now my problem is a noise in the t-case....but it's not a whining noise or a gear-grinding noise like I have found several posts describing.... It sounds like there's .37 cents rattling around in the e-brake hub....
It happens when I accelerate slowly or coast, but it doesn't appear to happen under average to hard acceleration. The only way to describe the sound is a high-pitched "ting-ting-ting-ting" coming from the e-brake area.

I took the e-brake hub off and the e-brake was nasty-oily-and a "little bit" loose, but I found nothing rolling around.

NOTE: The Rear T-case output shaft had "a little" slop "about 1mm...not much and will eventually need rebuilding, but nothing that explains the noise I hear.

MEchanically, everything appears to work great and is very smooth, but the sound has to go.

I'm thinking about removing all the guts from the-Brake since I'm running a FJ60 rear axle assembly that has it's own e-Brake....

Any other ideas ?

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